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Kimberlee - Learning How To Love

By Ben Ohmart (Assistant Editor)

Artist: Kimberlee (
Title: Learning How To Love
Genre: Rock

Kimberlee is 'Learning How To Love' with a soul sister voice and guitars that belong in the 70s. Definitely in the Taylor Dayne style of singing, Kimberlee has a great set of pipes on her. She doesn't need all the backing vocals behind her on 'Love Never Falls,' but damn if it don't add a layered soul-pop to another catchy love song. 'Self is not the collective / Pride sustains the victim within / Freedom's found in forgiveness / Unlock yourself and be a witness.'

Easy to see that this lady has her voice on equal terms with lyric ability. These 5 songs demonstrate a studio power that Mariah and all the top ladies contain. Kimberlee has the range as well.

Just a listen on 'Stop This Train,' as it cruises from low to high, try to count the octaves. 'In high school, I liked a boy / He was my friend and he brought me joy / Time passed and I went away / Couldn't be with boy, didn't know how to stay / And I said 'Yeah, it's time to change.''

The reason all vocals sound so tight is because it's ALL Kimberlee. She's also the acoustic guitar, using some help on other instruments. Pick it up!

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