KIMBERLEE: What am I gonna do?
"What am I gonna do?" CD Cover

"Kimberlee is on the cusp of stardom!"
- The Desert Post Weekly, Palm Springs, CA

"She's a real talent, you're gonna love this!"
- CBS Morning News

"Kimberlee, whose music is an amalgam of rock and soul with a folk base, is in the midst of an extensive tour... a combination of Macy Gray, Natalie Merchant, with a dash of Ani DiFranco."
- The Los Angeles Times, CA

"Wow! A rock/soul/folk sound that takes others a lifetime to master."
- Borders Books & Music

"A Pop Diva!"
- ABC TV Morning News

"Kimberlee performs candid soulful healing tunes to hard rocking numbers."
-The Beaverton Valley Times, OR

Pick up your copy of
Kimberlee's R&B influenced rock debut album,
"What am I gonna do?".

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Advanced Marketing and Entertainment, (818) 842-9389

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