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Kimberlee, Singer/Songwriter and Recording Artist, performs an inspiring soulful rock sound delivered to impact. The San Gabriel Valley Tribune says, "Armed with an acoustic guitar, Kimberlee offers original R&B-influenced rock in an intimate setting." With an eclectic stylistic background and a truthful vulnerability, Kimberlee has created her own powerfully expressive identity.

Having recently struck an agreement with very successful Producer/Arranger/Keyboardist, Paul Laurence (Stephanie Mills, Johnny Gill, Kenny G, Evelyn "Champagne" King, Freddie Jackson, Melba Moore, Keith Washington, Smokey Robinson), Kimberlee has moved from the San Francisco Bay Area to Los Angeles to work on her next album with the multi-talented and award winning Producer.

Kimberlee studied voice under the world renowned Vocal Coach, Judy Davis, who trained such greats as Janis Joplin, Barbra Streisand, Grace Slick and Jefferson Starship, the Grateful Dead, Eddie Money, Steve Perry, Eric Martin of Mr. Big, En Vogue and a host of others. When Kimberlee was fifteen, she was accepted into Judy Davis’ impressive school. People Magazine writes of Davis, "A blunt, feisty singing coach with a waiting list of 600 proteges, she boasts of former clients that reads like a pop Hall of Fame…Streisand says that when she sought out Judy, "I was like a paralyzed person, having to relearn to walk"…"I’m a vocal plumber," Davis says. "I fix the pipes, that’s all."

Typically, Davis doesn’t accept students unless they are at least eighteen years of age. However, she made an exception with Kimberlee because her voice was especially mature. Kimberlee would find herself studying with Davis for nearly nine years, building one of the strongest vocal foundations possible and a prowess that would help launch her music career to unlimited heights as an adult.

Kimberlee was born at UC Hospital, San Francisco, CA two hours before Thanksgiving Day in 1968, only blocks away from the acclaimed music scene (Haight/Ashbury and Golden Gate Park) that was generating world recognition by artists like Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane, and the Grateful Dead. One might connect the uncanny proximation of her birthplace along with her own vision to have worldwide impact one day through music.

Kimberlee realized that music was a language itself at an early age. She found that it seemed to possess some kind of medicine for the heart. By the time Kimberlee was eight years old, she had decided she was going to become a singer when she grew up. She still remembers the day she told her Mom this. Kimberlee believed that one day, through a career in music, she would be able to help thousands upon thousands in the most remote places of the world that are hungering for food, clothes, and hope.

At age twelve, Kimberlee received a guitar. This encouraged her to pursue music more seriously as she garnered the attention of others for her commanding natural vocal talent accompanied by the stringed instrument. She was fortunate to be mentored under the wing of Phil St. Pierre (he performed with such greats as Louis Armstrong) one year later. This opened up many opportunities for her. For nearly three years, she would work with Phil, learning how to perform in front of large crowds, and bring joy to people through song.

Having been influenced from country, rock, folk, blues, and R&B, Kimberlee started combining the music styles and eventually developed one of her own. As Kimberlee matured, she realized her own need to express her heart through songwriting and discovered that music is one of the most powerful mediums we have for communication. "In a moment of song", she says, "hope can be restored and inspiration found". Borders Books and Music raves, "Wow! The talents of this musician are to be enjoyed by everyone. Kimberlee has the unique way to get you a-movin’ and a-groovin’. This artist makes her debut with a rock/soul/folk sound that takes others a lifetime to master." Some of the artists that have had the greatest impact on her are Wynonna, Aretha Franklin, Patty Smythe, Heart, Janis Joplin, Carly Simon, Rickie Lee Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Melissa Etheridge, Koko Taylor, Toni Childs, Taylor Dayne, Mary Chapin Carpenter and Chaka Kahn.

Kimberlee has come to believe music is a universal expression that crosses cultures and ethnicities, able to heal the pain we have caused one another within the human race. Kimberlee wants to write and perform songs that plant seeds of hope for a better world. Kimberlee has performed for the United States Olympics, regularly been chosen to sing the national anthem at professional sporting events for crowds as big as 30,000 at various arenas and stadiums, entertained at the San Francisco Press Club for national and international events, won first place in a Nashville Talent Competition, appeared on local and national radio and television, participated in different benefit concerts to raise money for different benevolent contributions with acts like Pete Escovedo, performed and/or recorded with Eddie Caipo (Producer and/or Engineer for No Doubt, Santana’s Karl Perazzo, Deftones), Bryant Mills (Drummer for John Lee Hooker, Maria Maldaur, Charlie Musselwhite, Michelle Schocked), Terry Carleton (Session Drummer for the late Kevin Gilbert who began Tuesday Night Music Club with Sheryl Crow), Al Berry (Sony Records Recording Artist and former Session Bassist for B.B. King, the late Stevie Ray Vaughan, Ric Ocasek), Luther Tucker (Legendary Chicago Blues Guitarist), Tristan Bishop (former Vocalist for HouseJacks, Producer/Songwriter for Geffen Recording Artists, KAI), J.R. Johnston (Bassist for Cream of Wee Gee, Produced by Eric Valentine of Smashmouth) and others.

In January 2000, Kimberlee released her rockin’ soulfolk sound on her debut EP album, "Learning How To Love". The East Bay Express announces, "Kimberlee performs Learning How To Love CD in a throaty contralto that brings Phoebe Snow and Tina Turner to mind." Her inspiring album can be found at select stores and on Kimberlee is currently touring in support of her album, while working in the studio on her next album with Producer/Arranger/Keyboardist, Paul Laurence. She is very excited to be working with Paul.

Kimberlee's Newest Album - Learning How to Love

With numerous Platinum and Gold records credited to Paul’s name, Kimberlee is bound to come out with a great follow up to her debut!

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