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Kimberlee’s inspiring soulful rock debut album, " Learning How To Love" was partly recorded and mixed during August through November of 1999 at Bones & Knives Studio, San Jose, CA. The remaining songs were recorded with EvenNow earlier that year in April at Barefoot Studios, Belmont, CA. Both Terry Carleton and J.R. Johnston are credited as engineers for the album. All five of the songs were mixed at Bones & Knives Studio by Terry Carleton in November. And finally mastered by Steve Glaze at Final Mix Studios, Campbell, CA for the year 2000.

"Learning How To Love" is delivered to impact. With an eclectic stylistic background, Kimberlee brings forth many genres to create her own rockin’ soulfolk identity. Surrounding her powerfully expressive vocals is a foundation full of instrumentation ranging from ethereal slide guitar, funky electric guitar wah tones, delightful sounds of a dulcimer, and the vintage mood of the Hammond B-3 or Fender Rhodes. She aims to focus her music on driving rhythmic guitar that is supported by sweet melodic riffs with occasional picking, and a groove oriented feel, provided by the bass, drums and percussion.

This recent compilation of songs reveals Kimberlee’s collaboration with the talents of different studio musicians and EvenNow. Three cuts on the EP are performed with James Reily (guitarist for Strings Attached), Terry Carleton (former session drummer for the late Kevin Gilbert who began Tuesday Night Music Club with artists such as Sheryl Crow), Neil Panton (Hammond B Organ and Fender Rhodes), and Chad Mortensen (solo acoustic guitar). Each of these musicians contributed greatly by adding their own expression of style and technique, while preserving the integrity of the soulful quality that Kimberlee desired. James and Terry provided their years of experience and talent by assisting Kimberlee with the production of the album.

Kimberlee and EvenNow members, Karen Smith (vocals and acoustic guitar), former HouseJacks’ vocalist and Geffen Records’ songwriter/producer Tristan Bishop (organ and piano), Rob Lewallen (electric lead guitar and slide), and Matthias D‘Autremont (drums and congas) recorded live at Barefoot Studios earlier in the year with J.R. Johnston (bassist for Cream of Wee Gee, produced by Eric Valentine of Smashmouth). Later, the tracks were engineered by Terry Carleton and redecorated with overdubs by Karen Smith and Matthias D’Autremont at Bones & Knives Studio. This enabled the songs to share a home with the other tracks on the "Learning How to Love" album. The EvenNow performances emit their own special quality, featuring the band’s infectious warmth and vulnerability – a characteristic they are known for in their live shows.

The purpose of this release is twofold. Firstly, Kimberlee has wanted to record her music for those that enjoy listening to her live and have expressed an interest in her original works. Secondly, the release is being used to promote her career and gain other industry opportunities for herself, as well as for EvenNow. The intent behind both reasons is fueled by the vision to make a difference in this world through music. Kimberlee and EvenNow share a common mission to use their talents to help plant seeds of hope for a better world.

Manager: Matthew Leber, (818) 842-9389, info@kimberleemusic.com

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Kimberlee: Album: Learning How to Love

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2. Love Never Fails
3. Stop this Train
4. Wake Up
5. Love Your Enemy

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What Am I Gonna Do?
Yeah, You’re Alright
Face The Facts
They Say God Is Listening
Your Life

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