Music Reviews
News & Feature Newspaper/Magazine Articles - Singer/Songwriter, Kimberlee M. Leber, in the News
Kimberlee M. Leber has received continued praise in the press and media. Here are several exciting music reviews featuring Kimberlee. These music reviews are just some of the featured articles written. Check back soon for an updated list of Kimberlee M. Leber's music reviews!

Music Reviews & News Articles

Glendale News-Press: Soulful singer offers message of hope "What am I gonna do?" CD Review

The Idaho Statesman: Best Bets: Sweet Music

Western Idaho Fair: Singer Songwriter Kimberlee to Perform at Western Idaho Fair

The Desert Sun: Coffee with Kimberlee

The Daily Dispatch: Singer and songwriter Kimberlee to perform at fair

Desert Post Weekly: Kimberlee: On the Cusp of Stardom

The Californian: The antidote to your pain is in Kimberlee's words

Desert Post Weekly: Kimberlee: "Learning How to Love"

Music Dish: Learning How to Love CD Review

Reno News & Review: Singer-songwriter says follow your dream

ABC TV Morning News: "A POP DIVA... Kimberlee can really sing..."

Beaverton Valley Times: Singer/guitarist Kimberlee voices hope at Beaverton Borders

Reno Gazette-Journal: Live Music, A video in the making: Kimberlee to tape in Reno

The Daily Review: Singer ready to fill stadium with pride

The Oakland Tribune: Kimberlee will wow fans with National Anthem

San Francisco Examiner: Kimberlee's on deck

Arizona Borders News: Kimberlee Means Soulful Passion

Tucson Weekly: Love Me Tender

Los Angeles Times: Songstress Kimberlee

Orange City News: Kimberlee exhibits a well-trained voice

Pro Critic Picks Radio, MP3.COM: One of the best female pop vocalists...

Daily Pilot: Write where she lives

Pasadena Weekly: Soul singer

Orange County Register: A PASSIONATE VOICE

Saratoga News: Kimberlee Plans Farewell Concert at Blue Rock Shoot

East Bay Express: Rock & POP Review

Contra Costa Times: Musician Comes Home to Perform

AT&T (TCI) Cablevision Points of Interest: Kimberlee Performance Feature TV Review

San Mateo County Times: Kimberlee & EvenNow aim for national fans

Silicon Valley Metro Weekly: Kimberlee Selected Music Pick of the Week

Palo Alto Daily News: Singer Kimberlee looks to spiritual

Featured Guest on TV Morning News Shows ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and many others.
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