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KIMBERLEE: What am I gonna do?
"What am I gonna do?" CD Cover

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"Ear grabbing truthful vulnerability rocks your heart as you listen to the soulfully dynamic voice of Kimberlee. A spirit altering must listen!"

Kimberlee, San Francisco Bay Area Born Artist, worked with the same world
renown Vocal Coach who trained such legendary rock acts as Janis Joplin, The Grateful Dead, and Steve Perry from Journey.

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Kimberlee shares her soul at The Mint in Hollywood, CA, -  Listen Music

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Kimberlee is an independent singer/songwriter and recording artist. She writes and performs her own R&B-influenced Pop/Rock music. Listen to music live at her soulfully rockin' concerts or just listen to her music from her CDs and you will know what everyone is raving about.

Kimberlee at the Wilshire Theater in Los Angeles  -  Listen to Music

"Rock out to the soulfully charged sounds of Kimberlee, a Tina Turner meets Melissa Etheridge passion experience."

People of all ages can experience Kimberlee's music by
listening to the full length song "Learning How to Love" on, listening to clips of her songs on, get your copy or the CD, or listening to her music live in person to enjoy the full experience.

  11 X 17 Poster, Autographed by Kimberlee  - Listen Music
Limited Edition
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Kimberlee w/Guitar

Anyone who has the desire to release their heart, expressing the trials and triumphs of life, will enjoy listening to Kimberlee's music. It is a dynamic journey of powerful singing fueled by honesty and hope. As Kimberlee says, "I need to write music to express my heart about the things that I go through - it serves as a voice of freedom for me and I hope for others as well."

Borders Books & Music raves,
"Wow! This artist makes her debut with a rock/soul/folk sound that takes others a lifetime to master."

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